You are encouraged to check the status of your application anytime during the process, to find out whether we have received all the necessary documentation including your test results, recommendation letters, and transcripts.

Application Status

Log into to the Self-Service Center click on the Applications tab. You will see a summary button for your application(s). Clicking on an application summary button will show you a list of requirements. Making sure your application is complete before the deadline is your responsibility.

Application Status Definitions

  • Application Complete: Application is completed (all required materials submitted and application fee paid) but not yet released to the department for review.

  • Application Form Submitted: Application is submitted but not yet processed. 

  • Application Incomplete: Application form submitted, but not all required materials were submitted and/or application fee was not paid.
  • Application in Progress: Application form was started, but not yet submitted.

  • Cancelled by the Student: Application was cancelled without submitting.

  • Declined Admission Offer: The student declined the admission offer.
  • Deferred Admission: The student deferred admission to a future term and paid the admission fee.
  • Did not finish the application: No longer accepting applications and application is not submitted.

  • Intended to Enroll: The student has accepted the admission offer and paid the admission fee.
  • Pending Student Response: The admit decision letter has been released, but the response and/or admission fee is not yet received from the student.
  • Review Completed: The academic program coordinator's review is completed and the decision letter has been released.

  • Under Review - Pending Decision: Complete application currently under review by the academic program.

  • Under Review - Pending Decision (incomplete application): Incomplete application currently under review by the academic program.

  • Withdrawn by the Admissions Office/Department: Submitted application withdrawn by the office/department (before or after admission decision).

  • Withdrawn by the Student: Submitted application withdrawn by the student (before or after admission decision).

Applications Process

Your application is held in the Graduate Admissions Office until it is complete. Remember to follow-up with your college Registrar's Office for official transcripts, and check with the people who are writing your letters of recommendation, so that materials are submitted in a timely manner.

Upon completion, the application will be fully reviewed by the faculty in the department/program you applied to.

Application Requirements

Admission Decision

Individual committees within your program make admissions recommendations and this process often takes time. We understand that you want your decision as soon as possible, especially if you are considering offers from other schools. If you know your application is complete and you have not received a fall decision by summer, you should contact the Graduate Admissions Office.

The department will make a detailed review and an initial recommendation to admit. However, only a written notice from the Dean of the Graduate School constitutes an offer of admission, not correspondence with the department or with an individual faculty member. Applicants who are not offered admission will also be notified by the Dean as decisions are made.