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Dr. Carol Cutler. Riddick, Chair
Field House, Room 144E

The Physical Education and Recreation (PER) Department offers a major in physical education and recreation, and minors in recreation and sport programming and athletic coaching at the undergraduate level.  In an era in which health care costs have become one of the largest single expenditures in the U.S., the central importance of physical activity and active lifestyles in preventing and improving a wide variety of health conditions is increasingly evident.   The Physical Education and Recreation major prepares students to become leaders in promoting health-enhancing physical activities.  Students acquire professional content knowledge and develop skills in planning, leading, and managing recreation, sports, and physical activity programs in a variety of community settings.   The major prepares students for careers related to active lifestyles that contribute to an improved quality of life. The major program emphasizes Gallaudet University's unique approaches to bilingual communication that accommodate Deaf, hard of hearing and hearing individuals.

Graduates are prepared for an entry-level position in the areas of physical education, recreation, and sports, as well as continuation of study at the graduate level. The undergraduate program will prepare students to continue their preparation beyond the B.S. degree in management level training within the recreation profession, the expanding fitness industry, or education.  Students are required to complete two internship experiences.  Fieldwork opportunities are available with a variety of recreation, afterschool and summer youth programs, as well as athletics.   Students interested in pursuing teacher certification, additional courses and practicum experience beyond the physical education and recreation major will be required, including enrolling in an accredited teacher preparation undergraduate or graduate program.

Our graduates who have tailored their programs and work experiences to market opportunities have done well in securing relevant career positions. It is the Department faculty's goal to develop and maintain close ties to the profession to help students become leading candidates for jobs upon graduation.

Declaring a Major

Requirements for Admission to a Major in Physical Education and Recreation

Students seeking admission to a major in Physical Education and Recreation must satisfy the following minimum criteria:

■ A cumulative GPA of 2.3
■ Completion of PER 110, PER 120, and BIO 105 with a grade of C or better.
■ Completion of the department application process including completion of an application form, two letters of recommendation, an updated transcript, and a personal essay.
■ To continue and graduate as a Physical Education and Recreation major, a student must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.3 in all major and related courses.  Students not receiving a grade of "C" or better in a major course must repeat the course.

Application deadlines are set once in the fall and once in the spring semester.  Applications received by these deadlines are reviewed by the Department's PER Major Committee.  Students accepted to the major will be assigned an academic advisor within the department.  Students not admitted to the major may reapply by submitting new application materials for reconsideration.

Students interested in pursuing the physical education and recreation major should consult the Department's website and meet with the Department chair as early as possible, preferably during their first year. Transfer students interested in the major, they must meet with the Department chair to discuss acceptance into the major.

Early contact with the Department will assist students in developing their application to the major and planning a path to graduation.  The major follows a progressive sequence necessary to meet upper-level course pre-requisites. Planning course sequencing is best accomplished with a Department faculty advisor's assistance.

Some courses in physical education and recreation require the use of specialized safety equipment for participation.  Students are required to procure, at their expense, all supplies outlined on the course syllabus and have these in-hand in the classroom by the second week of the semester.  Students who fail to have materials needed for instruction will risk being administratively dropped from the course or asked to withdraw (WD).

Undergraduate Majors and Minors offered:

Physical Education and Recreation Athletic Coaching (Minor) Recreation and Sports Programming (Minor) Department Courses