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The American Sign Language Proficiency Interview (The ASLPI) provides training, consultation, and evaluation of language proficiency to promote higher educational, intellectual and professional advancement. The ASLPI supports constituencies in the transition of becoming more involved participants by increasing communicative effectiveness. Supporting, assessing and evaluating ASL elevates American Sign Language to its rightful place alongside other languages in support of the Gallaudet University bilingual mission and vision. The ASLPI contributes to and assists programs, administrators, and employers with decisions about:

  • Admission into academic programs
  • Readiness for core curriculum, practicum, internship and graduation
  • Professional opportunities and advancements

The American Sign Language Proficiency Interview (ASLPI) is a holistic language evaluation used to determine global ASL proficiency at a given point in time. The ASLPI is a 20-25 minute video recorded interactive dialogue between the examinee and the interviewer. The interview is rated by a team of evaluators and examinees are awarded an overall proficiency level on a 0-5 rating scale. Except for proficiency level 5, the rating process sometimes results in the assignment of a plus value (+). This does not represent a midway point between two levels, but may be inferred to indicate that the examinee exceeds the requirements for a particular level but does not satisfy in all respects the requirements of the next higher level. This language proficiency evaluation is not tied to any one course or curriculum nor does it measure a single skill in the language.

For more information about The ASLPI including but not limited to service date announcements, testing availability, the scheduling process, fee and proctor/site information, preparation and post-interview details, and research, please visit the website.