Dr. Elizabeth A. Moore, Interim CDO
Vanessa Slade, Executive Assistant
Olugbenga 'Bunmi Aina, Director of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Keeping the Promise and Multicultural Student Transition Programs (KTP & MSTP)
Cross Campus Multicultural and International Student Programs
LGBTQA Resource Center
Hall Memorial Building, South 141
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The mission of the Multicultural Student Development and Mentoring (MSDM) is to advocate and empower students of all backgrounds to achieve academic, career, and personal success. MSDM will achieve its mission by offering programs which foster self-awareness, cultural growth, intellectual curiosity, academic support, and a stimulating learning environment.

MSDM  is composed of three units: Keeping the Promise: Equitable Outcomes for Students (KTP), the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, and Ally Resource Center (LGBTQA Resource Center), and Cross Campus Multicultural and International Student Programs (CCMISP). Additionally, the Campus-Wide Dialogue program is housed within MSDM. Through intergroup dialogue activities, this program seeks to promote appreciation of diverse perspectives and experiences among all members of the campus community.

Our programs provide multicultural education and guidance to enrich the college experience of all Gallaudet students. MSDM focuses primarily on the unique needs of multicultural and LGBTQA students and strives to facilitate a campus climate that supports their academic and personal success. MSDM encourages academic excellence for all students and is fortunate to have staff of the highest caliber to serve Gallaudet students. Through our services and programs, students find a gateway into the diverse richness of today's interconnected global reality.

The Campus-wide Dialogue Program sponsored by the Multicultural Student Development and Mentoring is designed to increase mutual understanding, acceptance, and respect among the cultures, experiences, values and perceptions represented on campus. These dialogues also aim to promote a welcoming climate while institutionalizing equity and inclusion.

Keeping the Promise and Multicultural Student Transition Programs (KTP & MSTP)

Hall Memorial Building, Room S-141
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The Keeping the Promise (KTP) programs were designed to increase, encourage, support and advance the inclusion and educational success of collegians who are members of groups which are underrepresented in terms of retention and degree conferment. However, participation in these programs is open to all students.

Members of KTP are engaged in designing career plans, developing academic success skills, participating in cultural awareness activities, in addition to progressive leadership development training, and advocacy programming. They become more knowledgeable about themselves through a wide range of cultural enrichment and awareness programs. KTP enables Gallaudet's academic community to support these collegians in their quest for a degree from Gallaudet University.  

Mission Statement

Keeping the Promise will promote student intellectual advancement by demonstrating and reinforcing the essential values of scholarship and perseverance through intentionally-designed activities that foster motivation, empowerment, academic excellence, understanding of historical and cultural heritage, and model citizenship.  


  • Increase persistence, retention and graduation rates of participating groups
  • Support participants in realizing their full potential
  • Equip participating collegians with success and survival skills
  • Offer self-awareness and multicultural learning events
  • Facilitate a campus-wide climate conducive to student success
  • Collaborate with other campus offices to support positive outcomes for students

Elvia Guillermo, Coordinator
Cross Campus Multicultural and International Student Programs 

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Cross Campus Multicultural and International Student Programs (CCMISP) is a cultural advocacy and resource unit under the Office of Multicultural Student Development and Mentoring. It provides support to racial and ethnic minority students and their organizations. The CCMISP Resource Room includes educational books, videotapes, and magazines for focusing on race, culture and diversity. CCMISP also strives to educate the Gallaudet community through programs offered by student paraprofessionals. 

CCMISP supports Gallaudet in its effort to value and nurture the wealth of cultural, linguistic and ethnic diversity that enriches our community. Those who want to expand their intellectual horizons beyond the classroom can attend a variety of programs that celebrate culture, present diverse viewpoints, and foster diversity awareness.

LGBTQA Resource Center
Alexander Leffers, Coordinator
Web: LGBTQA Resource Center
The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, and Ally Resource Center serves as a hub for LGBTQA related programs, services, trainings, activities, and student groups on campus. The Resource Center is a visible space to promote an LGBTQA presence year-round, with particular activity during Pride Month, Coming Out Week, Transgender Awareness Week, and Lavender Graduation. For these special events, the Center will offer meeting space, volunteers, and assistance with coordination and planning of events, including informal brown bag discussions and programs addressing heterosexism, homophobia, and complex interrelationships with race, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic, and D/deaf/hearing status. The Resource Center Coordinator is available to assist with advising, consultation, community development, diversity training, referrals, and programming.

Additionally, we house a comprehensive resource library for networking and referrals for the LGBTQA community at Gallaudet University and the larger campus community, alumni and visitors. In keeping with the Gallaudet Strategic Plan 2010-2015, and the mission of MSDM, the LGBTQA Resource Center promotes equity, diversity, inclusion, academic success, and social justice for LGBTQ and allied individuals and communities at Gallaudet. We work to ensure a responsive and supportive environment that promotes equity, diversity, inclusion, academic success and social justice for LGBTQ and ally students.

Located in HMB South 141 (the MSDM suite), the LGBTQA Resource Center was established on National Coming Out Day, 2011 (October 11th) to create an inclusive environment where all students feel welcome, supported, valued and engaged. The Center is staffed by a full-time LGBTQA Resource Center Coordinator as well as MSDM paraprofessionals and maintains a shared MSDM lounge with 24/7 access to allow for maximum use during times when students are not in class. The Hangout Lounge is used by those affiliated with the Office of Multicultural Student Development and Mentoring and is a safe space for students, faculty, staff, alumni and the community to relax, have a cup of coffee, socialize, meet new people, learn about upcoming events and explore the Resource Library.

Programs and activities offered by the LGBTQA Resource Center include Allies Network training, a Pride Presenters Series, educational and social events, student meetings and meet-ups, and workshops and presentations on LGBTQA issues. The LGBTQA Resource Center is member of the Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals and works closely with Rainbow Society, Gallaudet's LGBTQA Student organization.