Office:  Fowler Hall, Room 202A
Coordinator's Office:  Fowler Hall, Room 204
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The Gallaudet Institutional Review Board is a committee designated to review, approve, and conduct periodic review of research involving human subjects. The primary purpose of the review is to assure the protection of the rights and welfare of the human subjects. The IRB's role at Gallaudet extends to all research involving human subjects whether conducted by faculty, staff, graduate students, undergraduate students, or non-Gallaudet researchers. The IRB must also review all projects seeking to use Gallaudet faculty, staff, students and alumni as research participants.  The IRB acts as an advocate for the research subject. This means that the IRB, during its review of a research project and the informed consent, has the right and responsibility to ensure that the research subject is fully informed of the procedures involved in the study as well as the risks. Information and instructions on the IRB Application and IRB Sponsorship can be found at our website.