Career Center
Karen Cook, Director
Jordan Student Academic Center, Room 2255

The Career Center's mission is to assist students in reaching their career goals by integrating liberal education with experience in the marketplace. Students are educated and empowered to practice lifelong career management skills, make effective career decisions, and achieve professional success.

The Career Center provides a variety of services to assist students and alumni in developing effective career management skills including individual career consulting, workshops and seminars. Career Center staff members teach a one-credit Career course required of all students (GSR 110), to develop career awareness and important job search skills. As part of the on-campus recruiting program, employers provide information sessions to educate and recruit students about their agency or organization, participate in mock interview sessions to help prepare students for the world of work and interview students for internships and full-time employment positions. Internship and Job Fairs are held on campus every semester to give students and alumni an opportunity to network with employers and find out about potential internships and employment. The Career Library offers a collection of resources to assist students in making career choices, researching occupational information, and learning job search skills.  Through the Career Center, students also have access to the Bison Career Link (BCL), an online recruitment and internship/job search service which gives job seekers updated listings of on-campus jobs, internship opportunities, and part-time and full-time jobs. 

The Career Center offers a variety of learning opportunities for students through its internship program.  Working closely with faculty, the Career Center assists students in finding internships and enabling them to connect a liberal arts education with success in the professional workplace.  Career consultants provide education to employers through an interactive deaf awareness workshop increasing understanding for developing professional relationships with deaf persons in the work environment.  The Career Center also provides information to employers regarding access to video relay services and other technology available to support internship supervisors in their interactions with people who are deaf, hard of hearing, and deaf/blind.

Recent internship sites for students include the Library of Congress, U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Department of Justice, NIH Cancer Institute, National Park Service, Peace Corps, National Association of the Deaf (NAD), Philadelphia Insurance Company, Cyber Timez, Congressional offices on Capitol Hill, as well as various schools and social service agencies.  Students are also able to participate in an array of international internships.  The experience gained by doing an internship related to their major is one of the best ways a student can prepare for "Life After Gallaudet"!

Services available at the Career Center include:

  • Resume Writing/Cover Letter assistance
  • Networking and Mock Interview Practice
  • Employer Information Sessions
  • On-Site Visits to Employers
  • Internship Search and Preparation
  • On-Campus Student Employment
  • Internship and Job Fairs
  • Career Library Resources
  • Graduate School Information