The following list details student records at Gallaudet University governed by requirements of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (Buckley Amendment). Questions about these records should be directed to the University officials indicated.  Locations, email addresses, and phone numbers are available in the campus people directory or the Academic Affairs webpage.

Academic Transcripts and Grade Listings
Office: Registrar's Office
Official Responsible: Ms. Elice Patterson, Registrar

Academic Support Unit Files
Office: Academic Advising,  Career Center, Office for Students with Disabilities, Tutorial and Instructional Programs
Official Responsible: Dr. Thomas Horejes, Associate Provost

Disciplinary Records
Office: Office of  Student Conduct
Official Responsible:  Ms. Amy Rousseau, Director

Campus Law Enforcement Records
Office: Department of Public Safety
Official Responsible: Mr. Theodore Baran, Director/Chief Campus Police

Financial Aid Records
Office: Financial Aid Office
Official Responsible: Ms. Doryann Barnhardt, Director

Student Employment Records - Student Accounts
Office: Finance Office
Official Responsible: Mr. Jeffrey Leach, Manager, Student Financial Services

Student Insurance Information
Office: Student Health Service
Official Responsible: Ms. Kim Lee-Wilkins, Director, Student Health Service

International Student Files
Office: Research Support and International Affairs
Official Responsible: Ms. Mona Blanchette-McCubbin, Immigration Compliance Officer/International Student Advisor

Library Files (Regarding Money Owed)
Office: Gallaudet University Library
Official Responsible: Ms. Sarah Hamrick, Director, Library Public Services