Readmit Student applicants were formerly enrolled full-time at Gallaudet for at least one semester, but have since withdrew or were discontinued for any reason. Readmit Student applicants must re-apply through the Registrar's Office. Readmission procedures are described in the Registration and Policies chapter of the catalog. 

There are three types of Readmit Student applicants:

  • students who have left the University and want to readmit to complete their degree;
  • students who graduated from the University and want to apply for a second degree;
  • and students who have enrolled in the University, but left to graduate at another university and returned to apply for a second degree.

Note: Students who have never been enrolled in the University and are seeking a second degree should apply through the Office of Admissions. For more information, please refer to the Second Degree page.

Standard readmit procedures require that students submit a Readmit Student application, $50 application processing fee, and ensure that all debts are cleared. Some readmit types require additional documents. See each type and description listed below and the required supplemental documents.

Undergraduate in Good Standing

Applicants should follow standard readmit procedures. 

Undergraduate Academically Suspended or Dismissed

Applicants who were suspended or dismissed for an academic reason should follow standard readmit procedures. Readmits should include any college transcripts attended while away from Gallaudet, an Academic Appeal Form, and two letters of recommendations from faculty, counselors, advisors, employers, or community leaders. If students were placed on Academic Suspension or Academic Dismissal before leaving the university, and they want to apply as a readmit student, they may be asked to apply as a special student until academic conditions are removed. For more information, please see this link: Readmission.

Undergraduate with Disciplinary Suspension

Applicants who were suspended for a disciplinary reason and has conditions for readmission must write to the Office of Student Conduct. Readmits must submit documented evidence that they have met the requirements for readmission and follow standard readmit procedures. 

Gallaudet graduate seeking 2nd undergraduate degree

Applicants who are Gallaudet University graduates should follow readmit procedures. In addition, applicants must meet the department criteria for admissions into the program and get a letter from the Gallaudet Department chairperson granting permission to enter their program. The letter should be sent to the Registrar's Office. The readmitted student must complete 30 credit hours in order to graduate with a degree in designated major.  

Former undergraduate student who left Gallaudet, obtained degree from another college/university, and wants to return to Gallaudet for a 2nd degree

Applicants of this type were enrolled at Gallaudet University but left to graduate from another university; they currently seek to return to Gallaudet to complete a second degree. Applicants should follow readmit procedures, including the submission of official transcripts from each institution of higher education previously attended with proof of graduation date, record of cumulative GPA, and two letters of recommendation from faculty. In addition, applicants must meet the department criteria for admissions into the desired program and request a letter from the Gallaudet department chairperson granting permission to enter the program. This letter must be sent to the Registrar's Office.