Physical Education and Recreation
Bachelor of Science

“At Gallaudet, I was surrounded with positive influences such as teachers, coaches and fellow students, each of whom I continuously learned from. We have world-class coaches and former professional athletes working here at Gallaudet.”

–Adham Talaat, ’14
Assistant Football Coach, Gallaudet University
Turn Your Love of Sports into a Career

Gallaudet offers great opportunities for physical education majors. Join or work with one of our NCAA Division III varsity sports teams. Work with our faculty to obtain an internship at a summer camp or school. Challenge yourself and learn to lead others through our Outdoor Experiential Learning classes, which have included rock climbing, nature discovery, winter activities in Colorado and more.

Expand your career options with our athletic coaching minor, which has prepared graduates for positions in mainstream and deaf schools, colleges and universities.

Graduates are coaches, teachers and fitness trainers throughout the United States.

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Keep reading to learn more about the physical education program and career outcomes.

Courses and Degree Requirements

All students must complete at least one internship. Field work opportunities are available with a variety of recreation, athletics, afterschool and summer youth programs.

Career Outcomes

Most of Gallaudet’s recent physical education and recreation programming majors are employed (69 percent) or in graduate school (23 percent) within one year of graduation. Learn more about alumni of the Department of Physical Education and Recreation.

Training and Job Outlook

Teachers must have a bachelor’s degree and teaching certification. Employment of elementary and middle school teachers is projected to grow 12 percent from 2012 to 2022, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Learn more.

Athletic trainers and exercise physiologists need at least a bachelor’s degree, and most states require a license or certification. Employment is projected to grow 19 percent during this same period, faster than the average. Learn more about athletic trainers and exercise physiologists.

Athletic coaches generally need a bachelor’s degree and extensive knowledge of their sport. Employment is projected to grow 15 percent during this same period, faster than the average. Learn more.